• Ellen Walsh-smith

Magical Things That Happened

One day about a year ago a lady came into the store. I greeted her, and then went back to putting together our ghost hunting equipment rental boxes. I was working rather feverishly on my project as the lady walked about the store browsing the goods. At some point she just sat down in one of the chairs by the front window where she sat peacefully for about 15 minutes. Upon completing my project, she approached the front counter. She appeared to be somewhere in her mid 60's I would say. She sort of looked like a combination of hippy from the 60's with a mix of native american. We spoke a little bit, mostly just polite blah,blah,blah, where do you live...etc., then she suddenly and abruptly broke the pace of niceties being exchanged and said, "did you feel that," puzzled I responded, "um, no, what do you mean?" She said that a cold chill ran through her body and raised her arm to show me how the hair on it was standing on end. I said "Wow, thats interesting, what do you suppose caused that?" She then answered me in a very peculiar way, she seemed almost like a robot, her speech became very specific machine like in tempo and tone. She said..."you are connected to the land out here." I said, "oh, I am? where is it?" she said, "you know." The conversation continued with her telling me that I was to go to this land and bring a very specific rock with me, she cautioned, no cell phones, and that I should only allow people who were pure of heart such as myself to accompany me. She went on to say that "they are waiting for you!" Before I could ask her anymore questions I literally looked down at my feet in contemplation looked back up and she had vanished!

Since I opened the store in Jefferson, it has been an ongoing rabbit hole. Things that are spoken in the store come to pass. I feel like it is a light house and people from all walks of life are drawn to it. I don't know what exactly I am doing there but I have to say it has been interesting and magical. My next blog entry will be the cascade of events that occurred after I received this message.

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