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Hey you should come to Jefferson.  It is the cutest little step back in time.  I walk around in the middle of the night here and never have to worry.  It sorta feels like I'm on a movie set of a small town, it has  that Hallmark card feel.   We are located in far East Texas about 2 hours east of Dallas, three hours north of Houston, and about thirty minutes south of Texarkana, 30 minutes east of Shreveport.  Look it up!  

The town has many historical buildings from the 1800's.  Lots of history, and the town is considered to be the most haunted town in Texas.  Jefferson is known for it's hospitality , great shopping, river boat tours on the bayou, food and laid back fun and boasts many bed and breakfasts in lovely historic homes.  A great place to spend the weekend!  

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